Local Stories: Book Review – How Did You Find Me…After All These Years?

I want to start a feature on my blog where I spotlight local stories; stories that take place in Minnesota or are written by local authors.

  • How Did You Find Me...After All These Years?: A Family Memoir

How Did You Find Me…After All These Years?
By Dennis Vinar, Karen Vinar, Jean Voxland, and Andrew Voxland

Format: Library Book
Pages: 204
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

This was such a cute story about the one who got away and long lost lovers finding each other again. Dennis and Karen fell in love when he was 15 and she was just 13, but because of circumstances and it just never being the right time for them, they drifted apart – only to find each other again decades later. The story is so charming and a bit unbelievable. It just goes to show that whatever is meant to be will be.

The writing is a bit simplistic, but it makes for an easy enjoyable read. There was on point where Dennis was referencing the “past year”, but does not go into enough detail in my opinion, but I think I could infer what he was referring to.

This story might be targeting the local demographic here, but I think a lot of people would enjoy the book even if they don’t know the area.



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